About Me

I am a forty-something, highly regarded companion. At 5’9 and 139 pounds, I work out six days a week, which includes high intensity cardio and weight lifting. Being fit is a lifestyle that keeps me centered, well balanced, and most importantly healthy! I am fun loving and I strive for the best that life has to offer. So while I appreciate a fine champagne, I also enjoy a cold one when going to a sporting event or lounging around the pool. I also love the beach — especially boating on your yacht or down the Colorado River soaking up the sun. My idea of bliss is a Harley ride up the 101 on a beautiful, scenic back road.

Secretly a Foodie

Although I love to stay fit, admittedly I am a foodie. If you want to try that great new restaurant or explore for the best steak and seafood in town, it’s a sure way to my heart! There is nothing I love more than great food, great company, and a lot of laughter. I have a girlish and goofy sense of humor. A man that can make me laugh is the perfect match.

Passport Ready

I am passport ready and will travel wherever the heart desires! I’d love the opportunity to travel abroad and appreciate first class flight and hotel while doing so. I also appreciate receiving gifts from my wishlist and it adds to the excitement of the date. Although gifts are never expected, when you do surprise me, be ready for a sensual and soft “Thank You” kiss. I look forward to creating the fantasies and memories you’ve been yearning!

The World is YOUR Oyster,

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