Booking Guide

Screening is mandatory using the form below and will require a photo ID. Provider references are not accepted as waiting for their confirmations usually mean delaying our rendezvous. Please take time to provide as much information about you as possible to ensure my comfort level with you.

A 50% deposit is required for all appointments.

Same day appointments are almost never available. A 24-hour notice is almost always necessary. Last minute appointments are NEVER available. I take pride in how I present myself and I know you will appreciate the time I put into meeting you.

Booking Form

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  • A government issued photo ID or driver's license is the quickest way to screen. Please leave your photo, full name, and birthday uncovered. Everything else may be blurred. My safety is priority number one and I do check the sex offender registry.
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  • Although optional, please include your LinkedIn or anything else you'd think would help me feel more comfortable during our meeting.
  • Once you submit and it’s done correctly, you will receive an automated "THANK YOU" email for your submission. If you don't receive the email, please re-submit.

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