Booking Guide

Please review my guide for etiquette before scheduling a date.

Phone scheduling is only available if we have met before. All other phone calls go to voicemail unless there is an agreed time to chat. If you call from a private line, I will respect your privacy and not answer your call.

Same day appointments are almost never available. A 24-hour notice is almost always necessary. Last minute appointments are NEVER available. I take pride in how I present myself and I know you will appreciate the time I put into meeting you.

Screening is mandatory and the fastest way to screen is by using the form below. If you’re uncomfortable with using online forms, please forward all info to

Booking Form

  • Screening helps me feel comfortable when I'm with you and there are (3) ways to do it. (1) Provide name, contact info, and website of two reputable companions you have recently spent time with. (2) Provide employment verification with job title, company contact info, and photo ID. (3) Provide site handles or forum usernames and indicate which site the username belongs to.
  • Upload photos of your ID and/or work badge here. You may cover the home address. Attachments will be sent to my email. My website will not save any copy.
    Drop files here or
  • Tell me about you and any special request you may have.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.